Netflix Testing Mobile Subscription Service

Netflix have announced that they are reviewing subscription tiers on the platform. Which means, you could soon see cheaper versions of Netflix rolling out very soon!

What is most exciting is that their cheapest version will be available as an App for your mobile phone.

Although this initiative sounds like Netflix has its users is mind (we love you Netflix) it is actually to get more people to sign up to the subscription.

Currently, out of the 137 million Netflix subscribers worldwide, 58 million are from the USA. The platform is thriving in Europe as well, however it is yet to penetrate Asia.

It is believed that the current subscriptions are too expensive for people in less affluent Asian countries like India, Thailand and Vietnam.

The mobile version of Netflix certainly has these countries in mind. Netflix have announced they are releasing eight new Indian movies and a series.

It has been hinted by the companies CEO, Reed Hastings that the service is likely to be available sometime in 2019.

It is hard to tell if this new initiative will benefit Netflix or not, as it could see people ditch their current subscription for the cheaper mobile option.

Have your say… Would you be willing to subscribe to Netflix if cheaper options were available? Is a mobile app appealing to you? Or are only happy when watching films on a big screen? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality Set to be a Big Hit in 2019

Investment in both augmented and virtual reality rose in 2018 to £1.27bn. They are both going to be a big success in 2019.

If you are unaware of virtual and augmented reality, then where the hell have you been?

Joking aside, they are both relatively new concepts with neither taking off quite yet.

Virtual reality is basically a computer-generated simulation. Where people can interact with 3D images  through the use of electronic equipment. For example head sets, and censored gloves.

Augmented reality is a technology which produces a computer base image onto the real world. For example, Pokemon GO.

Virtual and augmented reality are used in a variety of ways:

  1. Performance. Holograms of your favourite music artists, for example the Amy Winehouse tour.
  2. Education. Google have introduced both into schools across the U.K already.
  3. Travel. Satellite navigation.
  4. Interaction. Meeting friends and family through augmented reality.

The progress of technology is amazing and it is only going to accelerate in 2019. So don’t be surprised in years to come to catch up with your friends hologram instead of meeting face to face.

Are you excited to see the new advancements in technology in 2019? Does the thought of such technology petrify you?

Leave us your opinion in the comments section.

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Apple Ready to Bite into Netflix?

Apple announced that they are launching an online television service to eclipse competitors Netflix and Amazon Prime.

It is reported that the site will first be introduced in America (in the early months of 2019) and will soon be available in 100 countries worldwide. The expected video content has yet to be disclosed, but we can anticipate that Apple will chuck the cheque book at some big projects.

Watching Apple every day will keep Netflix away?

That’s Apple’s idea. If the site is nearly as successful as Netflix it could make them the largest grossing company in the world. However, it will be a tough job to knock Netflix off the top spot of video streaming. After all, Amazon’s attempt has so far been unsuccessful.

The number of Netflix subscribers keeps rising each year, currently there are 30 million users compared to 10 million on Amazon Prime.

Netflix is more than just a video streaming service, it is a brand!

To prove Netflix’s popularity, youth creative agency, ZAK created a poll of 1,000 under 30’s asking for their favourite brand. Surprisingly, Netflix ranked number one, ahead of Amazon, YouTube and Apple.

With outstanding content such as 13 Reasons Why (Netflix’s most Tweeted about series), Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black it doesn’t take a genius to understand why we value the platform so highly.

Netflix has been nestled in our hearts since it became available in the U.K. in 2012, it has revolutionised how we watch television. Amazon Prime has attempted to steal the show. Maybe Apple’s platform will make us realise that Netflix has let themselves go?

Who knows what 2019 will bring for online television? Whatever happens, a new video streaming platform can only make for more healthy competition to ignite your viewing pleasures.



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Alexa Will Think For You

Amazon have announced a brand-new feature coming to Alexa, where she will do your thinking for you.

The new update, which Amazon have named ‘Alexa Hunches’ (which sounds freaky in itself), will recognise your daily routine and act accordingly.

For example, if Alexa is linked to your Smart TV it will recognise your viewing habits. If you are missing your favourite show, Alexa will remind you that it is on, and Alexa has already set the next episode to record. Even if you pop out to the shop and leave your TV on, Alexa will turn it off.

Mind blowing or creepy?

Amazon hopes that soon your house will be run by Alexa (providing that you obtain all the relevant voice assistance equipment), and therefore you can programme each Alexa device to know your daily routine. So, if you forget to turn the heating on, lock the door or turn off the lights Alexa will remember for you.

The new programme Hunches is based on Alexa knowing your every move and will create a digital profile to understand your daily routine.

Is artificial intelligence about to take over our lives?

Whether or not you think this will positively impact the future of human civilisation, remember that you must actively own Alexa voice assistance to take part.

Hunches will be live on Alexa devices in the coming months, but it’s unclear whether you will be able to opt in or out of the new feature.

Either way, ask Alexa she will know the answer…

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