Too Much Social Media Causes Loneliness

A study by the University of Pennsylvania, states that more time spent on social media platforms will decrease your mental well-being.

This has always been the case, I can hear you say. However, the University announced that there has been “a causal connection but never been proven.”

How the study worked

Using 143 undergraduate student participants. Scholars at the University of Pennsylvania made the participants fill out a mental well-being survey’s, daily. Whilst, taking screenshots of their iPhone battery, which took place for three weeks.

The participants were then split into two groups. One group limited their time spent on social media to only ten minutes per day per platform. In contrast, the other group did not alter their usual social media usage.

Are you following?

The results show that those who limit their time on social media reduce feelings of loneliness, dramatically.

However, there are problems with this study. Scholars from the University of Pennsylvania admit to not knowing exactly what social media platforms the participants used.

When social media was first introduced it was thought that using the platforms would create a worldwide connection.  Resulting in, reduced loneliness. 

Nevertheless, numbers of mental health issues and feelings of loneliness has soared, in recent years. Begging the question, is social media to blame?

Would you be willing to limit your time on social media? Do you think its nonsense linking mental health issues to social media? Or do you spend too much time on your phone?

Have your say and leave us a message in the comments section!

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