Netflix Testing Mobile Subscription Service

Netflix have announced that they are reviewing subscription tiers on the platform. Which means, you could soon see cheaper versions of Netflix rolling out very soon!

What is most exciting is that their cheapest version will be available as an App for your mobile phone.

Although this initiative sounds like Netflix has its users is mind (we love you Netflix) it is actually to get more people to sign up to the subscription.

Currently, out of the 137 million Netflix subscribers worldwide, 58 million are from the USA. The platform is thriving in Europe as well, however it is yet to penetrate Asia.

It is believed that the current subscriptions are too expensive for people in less affluent Asian countries like India, Thailand and Vietnam.

The mobile version of Netflix certainly has these countries in mind. Netflix have announced they are releasing eight new Indian movies and a series.

It has been hinted by the companies CEO, Reed Hastings that the service is likely to be available sometime in 2019.

It is hard to tell if this new initiative will benefit Netflix or not, as it could see people ditch their current subscription for the cheaper mobile option.

Have your say… Would you be willing to subscribe to Netflix if cheaper options were available? Is a mobile app appealing to you? Or are only happy when watching films on a big screen? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.

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