5 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Audience

Twitter is a great social media platform for self-marketing and interacting with like-minded people.

To get good exposure you need followers. The following tips will build your Twitter audience (without too much effort).

1. Select the correct profile picture and cover photo

First impressions are important in real life and in the digital world too. When selecting your profile photo, it is essential to have an appropriate image of yourself.  For example, if you are a fitness influence it would be a good idea to have a profile picture looking ripped.

A cover photo is just as significant as the profile photo and usually it is used to convey your interest. If you are a new author trying to sell your first novel, it would be suitable to use the front cover of your new novel as the cover photo.

This may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people trying to convey a professional image have a photo of themselves intoxicated on a Saturday evening down town.

2. Write an interesting, snappy bio

Bios are a great way to create personality. The best bios are usually short and witty. A snappy pun can captivate your audience and making it relatable is imperative.

3. Tweet

You would be surprised how many users complain that their Twitter profile isn’t growing but don’t actually engage on the platform. Being present on Twitter is the most important advice of all!

4. Respond, retweet and use hashtags

Engaging with others on social media platforms is the best way to gain followers. Furthermore, if you retweet and show an interest you will definitely receive some in reciprocation. Hashtags will also make your tweets easier to come across on Twitter.

5. Know when to tweet and never over-tweet

Twitter engagement peaks at 9 am, Midday and 6 pm.  So, don’t go tweeting important information at 2 am as people are catching Z’s. Albeit, if you tweet too often, your audience are guaranteed to disengage.

Just like attending the gym, if you are persistent and motivated, you’ll be flexing an impressive Twitter profile in no time!




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