Virtual and Augmented Reality Set to be a Big Hit in 2019

Investment in both augmented and virtual reality rose in 2018 to £1.27bn. They are both going to be a big success in 2019.

If you are unaware of virtual and augmented reality, then where the hell have you been?

Joking aside, they are both relatively new concepts with neither taking off quite yet.

Virtual reality is basically a computer-generated simulation. Where people can interact with 3D images  through the use of electronic equipment. For example head sets, and censored gloves.

Augmented reality is a technology which produces a computer base image onto the real world. For example, Pokemon GO.

Virtual and augmented reality are used in a variety of ways:

  1. Performance. Holograms of your favourite music artists, for example the Amy Winehouse tour.
  2. Education. Google have introduced both into schools across the U.K already.
  3. Travel. Satellite navigation.
  4. Interaction. Meeting friends and family through augmented reality.

The progress of technology is amazing and it is only going to accelerate in 2019. So don’t be surprised in years to come to catch up with your friends hologram instead of meeting face to face.

Are you excited to see the new advancements in technology in 2019? Does the thought of such technology petrify you?

Leave us your opinion in the comments section.

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