Dating Apps to Crack Down on ‘Ghosting’

Have you ever used a dating app, met the love of your life and then they never speak to you again? Did you get a match with someone, used your quirkiest chat up line to then be ignored?

Well fear not, in 2019 you may no longer be ghosted.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, ghosting is when you start conversation with a person and then they decide to no longer interact, without explanation.

Heart breaking right? Or just plain rude…

The dating app, Bumble has introduced a new way to encourage its users to be more honest. Bumble will now urge individuals to tell a love interest they are not interested or remind them to continue conversations if they don’t reply.

Furthermore, when using the app, people will be made to accept a ‘ghosting vow’. If users do not comply then it could result in being banned from the dating app.

Cleverly launched this Halloween, Bumble have even employed a ‘ghosting expert’ (what a job) who will give advice to those who are victims of ghosting. Badoo (the world’s most widely used dating app, did you know) has followed similar sanctions to ensure their users are kept happy.

It is thought that this initiative has been added as the population are beginning to lose faith in dating apps.

Social media platforms have made it easy to ‘ghost’ as now there is an option to connect with millions of people. The possibilities of a new love interest are endless!

Let’s hope this is a lesson to all that leading someone on is not cool. However, if ghosting is your thing stick to the U. K’s most loved dating app, Tinder.

Are you still active on dating apps? Or has ghosting put you off? Leave us your opinion in the comment section!

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