Apple Ready to Bite into Netflix?

Apple announced that they are launching an online television service to eclipse competitors Netflix and Amazon Prime.

It is reported that the site will first be introduced in America (in the early months of 2019) and will soon be available in 100 countries worldwide. The expected video content has yet to be disclosed, but we can anticipate that Apple will chuck the cheque book at some big projects.

Watching Apple every day will keep Netflix away?

That’s Apple’s idea. If the site is nearly as successful as Netflix it could make them the largest grossing company in the world. However, it will be a tough job to knock Netflix off the top spot of video streaming. After all, Amazon’s attempt has so far been unsuccessful.

The number of Netflix subscribers keeps rising each year, currently there are 30 million users compared to 10 million on Amazon Prime.

Netflix is more than just a video streaming service, it is a brand!

To prove Netflix’s popularity, youth creative agency, ZAK created a poll of 1,000 under 30’s asking for their favourite brand. Surprisingly, Netflix ranked number one, ahead of Amazon, YouTube and Apple.

With outstanding content such as 13 Reasons Why (Netflix’s most Tweeted about series), Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black it doesn’t take a genius to understand why we value the platform so highly.

Netflix has been nestled in our hearts since it became available in the U.K. in 2012, it has revolutionised how we watch television. Amazon Prime has attempted to steal the show. Maybe Apple’s platform will make us realise that Netflix has let themselves go?

Who knows what 2019 will bring for online television? Whatever happens, a new video streaming platform can only make for more healthy competition to ignite your viewing pleasures.



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