The End of the ‘Like’ Button?

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, has announced that Twitter are going to abolish the Like button.

Dorsey admitted at a recent Twitter event that he was not a fan of the like button and Twitter are looking at ways to introduce new initiatives which will stop people tweeting for likes.

There is increased pressure on social media platforms to ‘clean up’ their sites to improve mental wellbeing and happiness among users.

Psychologists have highlighted that positive validation on social media releases endorphins which can lead to social media addiction. Psychologists have further suggested that a recent trend of users uploading a post then deleting it if it doesn’t receive enough likes is damaging free speech and causing anxiety. 

Be honest, how many of you have deleted posts due to lack of likes?

Twitter has come under major scrutiny in recent years for fake news, data breaches and trolling.

Dorsey seems to finally be taking action in recent weeks. He has promised to deliver a ‘healthier platform’ by demolishing ‘echo chambers’ (a place where everyone agrees and doesn’t allow others to debate) and cracking down on misinformation.

Additionally, Dorsey has stated that Twitter are looking into making verification ticks available for all. In the hope that fake accounts will no longer exists on the social media platform.

And finally, Dorsey also expressed his desire to hide how many followers a user has on Twitter.

If you read our blog Kanye wants to Hide Followers, maybe his message is getting through to the bosses of social media?

Do you think removing likes and followers will make you happier on Twitter? Do you enjoy receiving likes? Or is it affecting your wellbeing? Leave us a message with your thoughts in the comments section!

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