LinkedIn: a Platform for the Rap Stars and Footballers?

LinkedIn: a Platform for the Rap Stars and Footballers?

We often associate Linkedin with shirt-and-tie-wearing businessmen and women making connections and championing their career accolades.

Hold up (imagine Dr. Dre’s cameo in the next episode) …

LinkedIn has announced that the social media platform is popular with rappers and footballers.

Music artists usually promote their work on sites such as YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify. However, over 30,000 rappers have active profiles on LinkedIn.

But why would they bother?

LinkedIn is a place where music artists can make more meaningful connections with record producers, other artists and venue directors. If you request to connect with an industry elite, LinkedIn will let them know you are still waiting for a response after five days.

Currently, world renowned artists such as Jay Z, Drake, Rick Ross and Gucci Mane have LinkedIn profiles. So, who knows after some probing by our friends at LinkedIn they might actually take a look at what you have to offer (we can at least wish).

The best part is that rappers can endorse each other for attributes such as: ‘flow’, ‘song writing’ and ‘grime’.

Unfortunately for aspiring footballers, Gareth Southgate doesn’t have LinkedIn so don’t expect an England call up anytime soon. Yet, this week it was announced that Chilean born footballer Yashir Pinto was approached on LinkedIn by the Palestine national team.

Pinto, who was a Chilean international up until under 20’s was eligible to play for Palestine due to his Grandad being Palestinian. The man who plays top flight football in Chile (it takes him 32 hours to get to an International home game) did not disappoint and scored two goals on his International debut.

This is not the only time a player has been approached on LinkedIn, ex-Leicester City youth player Ethan Hodby used LinkedIn to find himself a club after being released by the Premier League club. His post received over 600 likes and 250 comments. Hodby was approached by lower league clubs with invitations to trial.

This proves how LinkedIn can be a great platform for meaningful connections no matter your career path.

So, good luck to those bombarding Jay-Z with connect requests and football fans trying to find Palestinian ancestors! 

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