Alexa Will Think For You

Amazon have announced a brand-new feature coming to Alexa, where she will do your thinking for you.

The new update, which Amazon have named ‘Alexa Hunches’ (which sounds freaky in itself), will recognise your daily routine and act accordingly.

For example, if Alexa is linked to your Smart TV it will recognise your viewing habits. If you are missing your favourite show, Alexa will remind you that it is on, and Alexa has already set the next episode to record. Even if you pop out to the shop and leave your TV on, Alexa will turn it off.

Mind blowing or creepy?

Amazon hopes that soon your house will be run by Alexa (providing that you obtain all the relevant voice assistance equipment), and therefore you can programme each Alexa device to know your daily routine. So, if you forget to turn the heating on, lock the door or turn off the lights Alexa will remember for you.

The new programme Hunches is based on Alexa knowing your every move and will create a digital profile to understand your daily routine.

Is artificial intelligence about to take over our lives?

Whether or not you think this will positively impact the future of human civilisation, remember that you must actively own Alexa voice assistance to take part.

Hunches will be live on Alexa devices in the coming months, but it’s unclear whether you will be able to opt in or out of the new feature.

Either way, ask Alexa she will know the answer…

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