Zuckerberg promises ‘more meaningful engagement’ on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has promised to bring back a much simpler, positive social media platform.

Currently, Facebook is a marketer’s paradise where adverts and promotions can be displayed to users with ease (every fifth post on your news feed will be trying to sell you something, take a look).

However, this has created a hive for advertising products, fake news and explicit video content.

Zuckerberg announced in a recent Facebook post titled: ‘Bringing People Closer Together’, that individuals feel much more fulfilled when they use social media to connect with people who they care about.

On the other hand, Zuckerberg expressed concerns in aimlessly scrolling through meaningless content. He revealed that this was much more likely to impact people’s mental wellbeing negatively. 

Facebook now will attempt to bring back meaningful engagement which was the purpose of the platform in the beginning to make people feel more connected. Users timelines will contain more content about their friends whereabouts rather than which tooth whitener would suit their needs best.

Although this may sound like a positive change for most users, it may not work for everybody. If you are a fan on memes or humorous video content then you may be seeing less of this on Facebook (unless your friends have actively made them or shared it on their profile).

As for social media marketing companies, advertising is going to be monitored and posts selling products will not be present on your timelines as often.

It has been speculated that this change is an attempt to restore faith in the platform as recently Facebook announced that five million profiles had been hacked. As well as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, users trust in the social media platform is being squandered.

Have you lost trust in platform? Would the introduction of meaningful content make you use the platform more often? Will you miss products being advertised so often?

Either way, look out for more meaningful engagement, it is Facebook’s new initiative to improve people’s happiness.

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