Instagram’s Hidden Hashtags

Are you still using #hashtags?
Do you display them in the caption?
Have you moved them into the first comment?

Instagram are currently testing a new way to make posts look less cluttered and more appealing to consumers.

We all remember popular hashtags such as #SelfieCulture and #NoFilter. We’ve seen accounts with 30+ hashtags on every single post. Now you can hashtag away whilst saving some dignity.

Hiding content on social media sounds a bit fishy as the point is to be ‘social’, however this new initiative could really enhance the look of both personal and professional accounts.

The idea is to add hashtags to posts without the hashtags being visible in the caption, and users can decide where they want their hashtags to be seen.

By hiding the hashtags, the caption area is left cleaner and less cluttered, with no distractions by clumsy hashtags.

Although this may seem like a small enhancement, people have been trying to find a way to present hashtags on Instagram, without being intrusive. Isn’t that why we started putting hashtags in our comments section instead of the caption?

Instagram are testing the feature, but haven’t let on whether it’ll be available to all users.

Would you use it? Or do you think it detracts from the authenticity of Instagram? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram.

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