New Instagram Features Coming Soon

Instagram are testing a number of features to be rolling out in the future.

Mute User’s Posts

Similar to an option on Facebook, Instagram are looking to let you mute specific users, so you won’t see their posts but you don’t have to unfollow them.

Slow Mo in Stories

Take your dramatic insta-stories to the next level with Slow-Mo and you’ll be making low-budget Matrix spoofs in no time.

Story Archives

A calendar feature to let you and/or your followers relive some of your best stories. Feeling nostalgic about that trip last summer? Go back and rewatch the story as you posted it.

Tag Facebook Friends on Instagram

Got a friend who doesn’t use Instagram? Tag their Facebook profile on your insta posts and show them what they’re missing.

Story Reactions

Let your friends know what you think of their stories without having to go through the hassle of commenting or writing a message.

Big changes to Instagram- will this spell the beginning of the end for Snapchat?

Credit: twitter user Jane Wong.

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