Why Social Media is Better than PPC Advertising

Almost 1 in 3 internet users have AdBlocker software running on their desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Let that sink in. Your PPC ads may convert well, but they’re not reaching 33% of potential consumers. Because ads are annoying and everybody knows it.

That’s not to say PPC is redundant or pointless now- it absolutely has its place in any marketing strategy. Targeting consumers who are searching for something relevant to your product or service is a great way to potentially convert. However PPC has been around since, what seems like, the dawn of time. Everybody and their dog is bidding on the same keywords as you, and it’s getting pricier. So maybe you should look to diversify your strategy.

Building your brand’s presence on Social Media, however, isn’t affected by the AdBlocker culture of the common browser. You can still, thanks to algorithms like Facebook’s, target relevant consumers, who demonstrate appropriate browsing behaviour, but now you’re reaching them in a much warmer environment.

And on that note, it’s worth being aware that just copying your PPC ads onto Facebook or Twitter, and putting your display ad on Instagram, will not be effective. These platforms command a much more intimate interaction. People are on these platforms to connect with friends, family, and influencers that they’ve felt a connection with. You don’t want to interrupt that, you want to add to it.

Your sales technique on Social Media can be compared to Salespeople in a traditional sense. Putting a picture on Facebook of your product, with a caption ‘Now 30% off’, is fine in theory- but if that’s all you’re doing, you’re being very cold. If every post is salesy and not engaging, you’re basically a Door-to-Door Salesperson. Nobody has any form of relationship with you, and you’ll convert badly.

However, if you build a relationship with audiences- posting videos that encourage emotional reactions, conversations, and start building a community, you stop being the sleazy man in the suit at the door trying to sell Loft Insulation. Once you establish a relationship with Social Media users, without trying to sell, then you’ll be more warmly received when you mention your products or sales. You’re more like a friend, recommending a product at that point, and on Social Media that kind of a connection can go a long way.

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