Social Media Experts are a Necessity for Your Brand

You’ve heard all of the noise about Social Media. It’s the future of advertising and without it your business will get left behind. So you’ve made a Facebook page for your business and now you’re futureproof, right?

Afraid not.

I’ve seen business owners say that they’re “on Social Media” because they posted on Twitter in 2015. I’ve seen  managers give the Social Media responsibility to their nephew, or the intern as a side job when they’re not busy.

Whilst being on Social Media in that respect is better than not being on at all, it’s only narrowly better. Because, in reality, you’re not really getting anything out of it, and that’s the whole point.

You need a Social Media Manager who knows what they’re doing.

There’s a lot to Social Media. It’s always changing. Take this week for example. Facebook have changed their algorithm regarding business page posts. Youtube have changed their Partnership Programme. Instagram announced algorithm changes planned for the future. Does your nephew know that? Does your nephew know how to adapt your strategy to fit those things? I’d guess probably not.

Does the intern understand that 16:9 videos on Youtube work well, but on Facebook the video should be tinkered so that it’s in a square aspect ratio? Did they notice that Facebook made Live Photos an option at the end of 2017? Or that Instagram allows for Story Highlights now?

This knowledge and expertise is so valuable to the future of your business, and it’s worth investing in. If you don’t have somebody completely dedicated to your brand’s social media needs, then you will get left behind.

So consider getting yourself a dedicated Social Media Expert. Otherwise you’re wasting everybody’s time, and you’re missing a hell of a trick.

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