Alexa Could Kill Google

Google has been, for the majority of the internet age, the hub of search. The Go-To, unrivalled champion of search engines- so much so that to Google is an actual verb in the Dictionary.

That might all be about to change.

Currently, if you’re folding laundry, or watching TV, and want to search for something, it becomes an entirely separate chain of events. You take out your phone, or load up your laptop, go to Google, and type in your question. All the while your laundry is not being folded and your TV is not being watched.

Home Assistants are changing the game. If you’re folding your laundry and suddenly you need to know what time the new Star Wars film is being shown at your local cinema, you can ask Alexa and continue folding your laundry whilst she gives you the answer.

If you’re watching the X Factor and want to continue to watch it whilst also satisfying your sudden urge to know Louis Walsh’s birthday, you can get Alexa to find and give you the answer, and not take your eyes off of the TV screen.

The days of Googling It are numbered. From now on you’ll hear kids say “I’ll just ask Alexa” when they need to find something for their homework.

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