Sentiment Will Kill Your Business

The story of Toys R Us and their struggles should be a warning sign to anybody who relies heavily on the idea that it's always worked for us before.

Retail had always worked for Toys R Us before, but then Amazon came along and before didn't matter anymore.

Print had always worked for the Newspaper industry before, but then free access to articles online came along. And so did Amazon (I sense a trend coming along here) and their kindle.

Before is a problem because it's past tense. Things are constantly changing in the world of marketing, and if you're not thinking about the future, and new platforms, and how you can get ahead... you're going to get left behind.


A lot of things killed Toys R Us, but their heavy reliance on retail when the world was shifting online was an unbelievable flaw in their business plan. It's the same thing that killed Blockbuster, and it's the same thing that's killing the high street.

If you're too sentimental or stuck in your ways to adapt, you will die.

And don't think "Well, we advertise online so we're progressive and we're safe." That's wrong. If anything being online is even harder to stay ahead, because things change so quickly, and there are so many options for you to consider. So you're doing AdWords and Facebook Boosted Posts? Congratulations, you have a solid marketing model for 2013.

But are you using Snapchat? Are you using influencers? How are you using Live Video? Have you got an eye on Audio Content?

If the answer to those is no, then you're getting left behind, you're not tapping into the millennial market, and there's a chance that your business could be the next Toys R Us or Blockbuster.

Don't let sentiment kill your business.

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